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Apple Q2 earnings expectations: 51 million iPhones, $52 billion revenue, first quarterly decline since 2003

Apple Q2 earnings expectations: fifty one million iPhones, $fifty two billion revenue, first quarterly decline in view that 2003

Later nowadays, at about four.30 PM ET, Apple will announce its monetary cash results for fiscal Q2, together with the newest three-month sales numbers for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

even if Apple continues to be going to post earnings within the billions, nonetheless some of the a success firms the sector by way of all metrics, investor expectations are low as the company steerage signifies it'll document its first decline in yr-over-year quarterly earnings for the reason that 2003. the primary lead to? Falling iPhone sales …

the usage of information compiled by Philip Elmer-Dewitt (subscription required to look full article), analysts predict negative boom numbers across the board. In the same quarter of 2015, Apple reported $58 billion in earnings and $13.6 billion internet profit derived from sales of sixty one.1 million iPhones, 12 million iPads and 4.5 million Macs.

each single number on this sheet is predicted to fall significantly in the Q2 2016 quarter with the exception of Macs. Elmer-Dewitt’s information suggests consensus of $52.2 billion earnings (a ten% decline), fifty one million iPhones (a 15% decline), 9.9 million iPads (a 20% decline) with Mac sales consistent at four.5 million.


The earnings decline is especially amazing, because it’s the first time company earnings will decline YOY since 2003. unless now, booming sales of iPhones and iOS gadgets has pushed Apple’s revenue numbers to record ranges each single 12 months.

Apple Watch is new to the quarter, so there isn’t a 12 months-over-yr comparison. the data sheet signifies sales across the 3 million mark. on the other hand, this quantity isn't verifiable as Apple does no longer disclose Apple Watch units revenue, bundling revenue contributions into an ‘other merchandise’ category.

Following the click liberate of results, Apple will hold an investor income name at 5 PM ET to speak about the numbers and host a Q&A session with select traders. 9to5Mac will have full coverage of the decision as it occurs.

Apple Q2 cash expectations: fifty one million iPhones, $52 billion income, first quarterly decline on the grounds that 2003
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